List Of Countries That Offer Easy Work Visas To Indians

List Of Countries That Offer Easy Work Visas To Indians

Even if you are a talented professional, you may not be able to obtain a work visa to advance your career abroad. There are, however, certain nations where you, as a self-employed Indian, can obtain a work visa with relative ease and enjoy enhanced career development and other advantages.

Research various travel insurance because getting a work visa from India from these countries is simple. 

1. Canada 

Canada ranks top on this list because its immigration system for Indians is flexible and involves few restrictions. Even with this, obtaining a visa in Canada is relatively inexpensive compared to most other nations, and it’s covered by many travel insurance international policies.

Express Entry is the most popular immigration option to assist you in entering Canada. However, others include the PNP, Federal Skilled Worker, and Entrepreneur programmes. 


  • Candidacy from a province
  • High CRS rating
  • Letter of employment from a Canadian employer
  • Expenses to Consider: The average annual salary in Canada is C$ 39,000, while the average cost of living is C$ 4,100.

2. Netherlands 

The Netherlands is second on the list of nations that provide Indians with simple work visas. This country’s favourable work-life balance is the primary reason to select it above others. Moreover, the work visa approval process is flexible.

In addition, the Dutch government has decreased taxes and raised the standard of life so its citizens can access the most extraordinary careers, education, and healthcare. So, immediately buy that travel insurance because you can obtain a work visa in the Netherlands if you meet the requirements.


  • Have both professional and academic experience.
  • Must earn a minimum of $6.4k each month
  • Must be fluent in English 
  • Considerations: The typical cost of living in the Netherlands is between € 800 and € 1000 per month, while the average annual wage for an Indian is € 23,400.

3. UK

If you are seeking a European country where it is simple for Indians to find employment, the United Kingdom is the answer. Furthermore, the United Kingdom provides professionals with the technical assistance and platform essential for innovation. Many insurance companies provide travel insurance coverage on your way to a new life here.

In addition to this method, several choices are available for entering this country. For instance, you can apply for a Global Talent Visa or a Skilled Worker Visa.


  • The employer offer letter must be presented.
  • Must be an IT professional with a formal education
  • Have recommendation letters from British authorities
  • Expenses to Consider: The average cost of living in the United Kingdom is £ 241 per month, whereas the average pay could be £ 33,295 per year.

4. New Zealand

Due to its stress-free visa system and minimum criteria, New Zealand has solidified its position as one of the top countries issuing work permits to Indians. If you work here, you can enjoy the advantages of a first-world nation as well as the natural beauty of the area. This country is also covered travel insurance internationally.

You can apply for a work visa in New Zealand using the Skilled Migrant or Entrepreneurial Work Visa. Nonetheless, the following conditions must be met:


  • Expertise and expertise in a specific sector
  • A score of at least 160 on the visa point scale
  • You must have a comprehensive business strategy to apply for an Entrepreneur Work Visa.
  • Expenses to Consider: The average cost of living is 1,400 New Zealand dollars per month (without rent), whereas the average earnings are NZ$97,300 per year.

Choose a nation with minimal qualifying requirements and an easy visa application process is preferable. And insure your journey with a trusted travel insurance company.

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