Start at the hours of darkness and reach at morning at eight o’clock to Gokarna checkpost. it’s primarily the city wherever all the traveller buses stop. From there you can take an associate in Nursing automobile to my guest house. It had been concerning kudle beach. From the checkpost you’ll rent a scooter additionally for the whole day, simply raise the locals from wherever you’ll rent a scooter? however on the primary day, it’s not desirable as you may principally be roaming around on ocean beaches. automobile charges nearly 100–150 rupees if your hotel/stay is concerning Kudle beach(3–4 kilometer from the checkpost) and for scooter rent, charges square measure around 400–500 rupees per day. typically it will increase depending upon the season.


OM Beach:-

Once you reach your guest house, simply wash yourself and indurate beach life. In step with my very own expertise, you ought to initially favor attending OM Beach. As here individuals typically don’t like to swim better and there’s no several Hotels around to eat. thus simply walk by and skill the ocean read. The OM name comes when the Hindu sacred image ‘OM’ and also the beach specifically looks like that from the highest. It’s close if you’re staying between kudle beach and OM beach. you’ll cowl it by walking itself. fancy the superb read of OM beach. simply walk around a small amount on the sea-coast and have some breakfast at Namaste restaurant. this is often the sole restaurant you have got concerning the beach. The food is superb. you’d be fond of it. fancy the beach read from there.


Half Moon beach :-


Your next destination ought to be Paradise and half-moon beach. The sole thanks to go there from OM beach. Since you’re already there on OM beach, try and cowl this too. I detected from the locals that it’s unlawful to travel there. I’m not claiming the100% legitimacy of it. in step with locals, numerous suicide cases is been rumored from there and folks square measure sunken too on the sea-coast due to their cognitive content. If you’re a cluster of individuals and if one thing happens like that, the police can catch you and can file an Associate in Nursing FIR against you. whereas going there I actually have been stopped double by police double and not counseled to go to. Since i used to be alone , the inner ME couldn’t stop ME. I became a lot interested in the place and somehow I managed to travel there by taking help from locals for the means. you have got to travel through the Hill seen within the below pic to succeed in there. The roads are going to be thick and muddy. you will encounter numerous lichens on the means, use caution regarding it. you may encounter numerous thick little roads and can’t decipher that little roads go wherever. you’ll take help from native individuals to urge the right thanks to it. fortunately whereas pursuit I MEet with a Dog and this supposed Man’s succor showed me the means. I simply followed the dog. He was corroborative and cute too.

Please bear in mind that, It’s quite risky to trace there. If you slip, their square measures high possibilities you may fall to the ocean directly and likelihood is there that you simply are going to be sunken to the sea-coast. This is often not a beach, it’s a sea-coast. It’s packed with massive Rocks. thus make certain you wear correct pursuit shoes for the pursuit. No flip-flops, please. Here you may get an incredible read of the sea. If you’re alone you’ll sit and skim a book or play your favorite music. you may have a quiet peaceful time as no one would be around you. If you’re alone and feeling lonely, trust ME this you may notice as heaven.


This is the read from Paradise beach. Notice, it’s not a beach, it’s a sea-coast. use caution when reaching there. For God, shake, don’t try to take a shower over there, what is more, don’t try to attend the water. simply sit there and revel in the beach read.


Kudle Beach:-

The main attraction of this beach is Sunset. come from there to OM beach and relax some times and might have lunch close to restaurants. From here at around 3–4 o’clock simply practise towards kudle beach. you may get a crosscut from OM beach. simply you have got to cross the limited hill that is adjacent to the parking slots of OM beach. you may notice the means or raise any localities. when reaching simply go swimming to relax you

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