Natural ways To Keep Your Health Up

Erectile dysfunction which is sometimes attributed to ED can be determined as a frequent struggle in getting your penis hard or keeping an erection to stay for performing satisfactory sex sessions. Let us not overlook the word “frequent” that has been used for this disability. It is at one point in time ‘OK’ for a man to face such problems while trying to get hard during sex, but if your natural and durable erection becomes an exemption at more than the usual rate, or if erections just don’t take place anymore, it is called Erectile Dysfunction or ED which gives you the indication that something unusual is happening in your body.

In a few instances, it is a problem or a disease that you need to do something concerning the issue. Getting rid of the root cause of the issue (if the cause is medical drug use, a type of drugs people take at social gatherings, or if you are an overweight man, or if your smoking habit is advancing too much, or if you happen to be in a noxious love affair) could improve in fixing your ED types of  Medicine Fildena 100 at Generic Villa Online Store in solving its problems outwardly the requirement for any method of healing. It may be this simple. Controlling the roots that produce erection problems (if the problem pertains to hormonal imbalance, or related to the anxiety or depressive nature of a person) demands some more patience and effort for healing, but it is worth it. You may realize that your ED is significantly improving or going away entirely as you are in the process of healing its root causes, with no requirement of ED pills such as sildenafil (brand name of Viagra) or tadalafil (also known as Cialis).


Treatable reasons that cause ED

side effects from medicines.

Drugs you are using for medicinal purposes may produce ED as their negative effect on your health which likely signifies at least 25% of all ED cases across the globe. The highest root causes of ED are inclusive of high blood pressure pills known as diuretics, a few known antidepressants (such as SSRIs and SNRIs), certain drugs used for indigestion problems, some antihistamines, and a few that are used as opioid painkillers. Parkinson’s pills, any medicine used for chemotherapies, and a few that treat prostate cancer can also result in the occurrence of ED, but to a minor extent.



Being obese and overweight is likely going to produce erectile dysfunction or ED in men by raising the risk for level 2 diabetes, chances of increased blood pressure, and raised levels of cholesterol, all of those can become the root causes of your ED. One must always keep in mind that obesity reduces testosterone levels in males. Lower levels of testosterone directly harm your sex desire and the capacity to sustain a healthy erection as well.


Hormonal imbalance

Lower levels of testosterone, high levels of prolactin, irregular thyroid hormone count, and unusual cortisol statistics may all become the reason behind your ED – erectile dysfunction issue.

Trying to heal your hormonal imbalance will surely transform your negative ED symptoms to better and natural sexual norms of your penis. To explain this further, a study was conducted in 2004 where 51 men who were suffering from ED which was caused by increased levels of prolactin revealed that the sexual abilities and inferior levels of testosterone got better when their high prolactin levels were handled for over 180 days or more.


Obstructive sleep apnea (or a.k.a.OSA)

It has been observed through a study that was conducted in Germany that most men who were suffering from OSA or also known as obstructive sleep apnea started gaining the symptoms of ED with time. If you are having trouble sleeping or have issues related to sleep you must start treating it as it will affect your sexual health. Once such issues are healed the ED symptoms start to fade away over time.


Mental or emotional reasons behind ED

The human brain plays a vital role in controlling your sexual desire. If you are having problems at work, or you are going through financial issues, or you are in a toxic and unhappy relationship your sexual ability gets hampered as the brain does not make your sex hormones stimulated enough to produce and maintain a healthy erection. It is advised to speak to a medicinal counselor and treat your depression which will eventually better your sexual life.


High cholesterol

The excessive increase of cholesterol is harmful to the body which impacts the blood vessels and the movement of blood in your body. Since we know that an erection needs adequate blood supply to take place, but if your body has issues in the blood vessels it will affect your erections too.

There’s a piece of pretty compelling indication that if you can reduce your levels of high cholesterol, you will easily improve your ED signs you may have gotten because of it and retain your natural and normal sex life.



Riding bikes have been stated to be healthy and improve blood circulation. But it has been stated as per research that too much biking can produce ED because of the stress it causes on the muscles while you’re paddling. However, reversing the effects on your sex life caused due to biking is possible and does not need too much effort. Anything that is done in an excessive measure is harmful to our health.




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